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What's up guys & welcome to "Game Nights & Heart Talks", the podcast where fun meets depth. Join us (August & Alayna) for a unique blend of casual gaming sessions and heartfelt conversations that cover the ups & downs of life.

In each episode, we play a different game whether it be a board game & video game. We are strong believers that gaming brings people together and creates the perfect atmosphere for genuine connections to form which is why it's the basis of our show!

It's not just about the games, however; it's about the conversations that follow. We enjoy the conversations that dive beneath the surface. Conversations about growth, personal development, relationships, goals, dreams & values. Gaming has proved to be a great time to have said conversations!

Our goal is to create a community of people who crave authentic stories & connections with others. So whether you're here to learn about the next game to play for your game night or to get some perspective, we welcome you!

Let's keep the dice rolling!

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Meet Your Hosts

What's up guys! It's August & Alayna here. We started dating 3 years ago after participating in weekly board game nights with a group of friends. In 2022, we started on a journey of living in states 1-3 months at a time. So far, we've lived in 10 states & have seen first hand how games bring people together no matter how far apart! We're excited to bring our love of games & conversation to you with this podcast!

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